Fresh Start Janitorial Service’s ability to custom build a package for each location is critical in an industrial environment. With two coal-burning plants and a gelatin production facility on our resume, Fresh Start Janitorial Services has proven it has what it takes to keep a factory clean.

Fresh Start’s organized approach to service several areas of your facility results in no interruption to production. We work closely with your supervisors to assure that areas of concentration are being maintained, supplied and disinfected on a daily basis. We are flexible to the needs of your production facilities.

Fresh Start is prepared to provide customers with the EPA Green Cleaning Program, if requested. The EPA Green Cleaning Program is a special inventory of cleaning supplies that are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency that are environmentally safe and biodegradable. This program is ideal for hospitals, schools, restaurants and larger companies that fall under strict EPA guidelines. Contact your insurance representative to discuss possible insurance savings by utilizing these services with Fresh Start Janitorial.

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